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Wait 'til (but don't count on) next year

Posted on: June 25, 2010 11:34 pm
From Lou Pinella "having done all he can", Aramis Ramirez's aging body and sub .200 average, Fukudome's average in any but but April, millions of dollars in Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Zambrano, and frustration boiling over to whatever that was from Little Z in today's White Sox game, the Ricketts family will have no choice but to blow this thing up in the off season...but how?

"Embarrassing" Lou called today's dugout side show.  Zambrano continues to destroy any trade value he might have had.  Again the Cubs will either have to take another team's problem in exchange for Zambrano, or eat a lot of his $18 mil over the next few seasons.  Soriano has actually hit this year, but we won't soon forget his defense costing us games early in April.  Same issue as Z with long term contract dollars.

Why hasn't Lou played Tyler Colvin more?  Because the Cubs were hoping Fukudome would perform and attract some potential suitors.  So far, Jim Hendry's phone hasn't rung.  Knowing the Cubs will have to retain Zambrano's services, Derrek Lee will be catching the first train out of town.  Ted Lilly won't be too far behind him.

So the 2011 season shapes up with...aging overpaid veterens, a couple of promising kids, and roster filler.  As a huge Ryne Sandberg fan growing up in the 80's I hope the Cubs go in a different direction for manager next year.  I do not want Ryno to waste his shot on this team.  I fear he will become a sideshow to draw fans rather than be given a legitimate opportunity to manage in the bigs.  Bob Bremley has a World Series ring.

And one final thought...after watching another shut out,. how's that new hitting coach from Texas working out?

For any Sox fans reading this...great winning streak, keep it up, and not all Cubs fans are mindless fools.
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